Cosmetology Teacher

Becoming a cosmetology teacher may be your next career step if you are a professional cosmetologist who is patient, knowledgeable and eager to share your industry expertise. At Educators of Beauty College of Cosmetology, you can become a cosmetology teacher at our Sterling, Peru, and Rockford locations. The courses are focused toward cosmetology professionals who want to enhance their job opportunities while sharing their passion with others.

Blonde teacher sits at desk grading papers

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Cosmetology Teacher Scholarship

This eight month program will equip you with the skills to teach up and coming cosmetologists everything they need to know to begin a career in beauty, focusing on cosmetology, skin, and nail technology.

Female cosmetology teacher stands at front of classroom demonstrating a haircut

About the Program

As a cosmetology teacher, you will be prepared to work with students in a hands-on learning environment and prepare them to become future cosmetologists. At Educators of Beauty College of Cosmetology you will learn more about the following subjects:

  • The Fundamentals of Teaching
  • Influences of Learning
  • The Art of Teaching
  • Curriculum Development
  • Effective Lesson Planning (Including Creating of Lesson Plans)
  • Instruction Resources
  • Developing Good Tests
  • Classroom Management
  • Mindful Teaching
  • Actual Teaching (Evaluating F.E. Performance)
  • Training: Observing Classroom, Reception, Student Salon
  • Training: Office (Including Business Methods)
  • Completion of S&P

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