Considering Cosmetology School After High School?

The Educators of Beauty College of Cosmetology vocational program is an excellent option for high school seniors considering a career in the cosmetology industry post graduation. The vocational program is available at our three campus locations in Peru, Rockford, and Sterling and gives students a glimpse into what a career in the beauty industry has to offer.

High School Students Experiencing Cosmetology Vacational Training at Educators of Beauty Illinois

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Learn If Cosmetology School Is Right For You

We are thrilled each time a student shows interest in pursuing a career in cosmetology and we are dedicated to giving them the best opportunity and introductory education possible. At the cosmetology school, students will learn the basics, and then some, about cosmetology, nail technology, skin, business, marketing, and communication.

After completing the vocational program, you will have a greater understanding of what life is like as a cosmetology student at Educators of Beauty College of Cosmetology. Participating in the vocational program is a hands-on way for students to learn what they like most about this career (hair color, skincare, nails, etc.)

This program is an excellent way for you to test your hand at cosmetology before fully committing to this career path.

Cosmetology student braiding hair at desk.